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Title 01 IndexTown of Madison OrdinancesGeneral ProvisionsChapter 1 Use and Construction Chapter 2 Use of Citation of Code of Ordinances
Title 01, Chapter 1Town of Madison OrdinancesUse and Construction of Code of Ordinances1-1-1 Title of Code; Citation 1-1-2 Principles of Construction 1-1-3 Conflict of Provisions 1-1-4 Separability of Provisions 1-1-5 Effective Date of Ordinances 1-1-6 General Penalty 1-1-7 Town Clerk to Maintain Copies of Documents Incorporated by Reference
Title 01, Chapter 2Town of Madison OrdinancesUse of Citation1-2-1 Authorization for Use of Citation 1-2-2 Officials Authorized to Issue Citation 1-2-3 Form of Citation 1-2-4 Schedule of Cash Deposits 1-2-5 Receipt of Cash Deposit 1-2-6 Procedure 1-2-7 Nonexclusivity of Chapter
Title 02 IndexTown of Madison OrdinancesGoverment and AdministrationChapter 1 General Provisions and Elections Chapter 2 Town Meetings Chapter 3 Town Boards Chapter 4 Town Officers and Employees Chapter 5 Commissions and Boards Chapter 6 Ethical Standards Chapter 7 Finance Chapter 8 Special Assessments Chapter 9 Public Records Chapter 10 Review of Administrative Determinations Chapter 11 Civil Service System
Title 02, Chapter 01Town of Madison OrdinancesGeneral Provisions & Elections2-1-1 Legal Status; General Town Powers 2-1-2 Village Powers 2-1-3 Voter Registration 2-1-4 Polling Place 2-1-5 Election Poll Hours 2-1-6 Election Officials; Wards 2-1-7 Official Newspaper
Title 02, Chapter 02Town of Madison OrdinancesTown Meetings2-2-1 Town Meeting Definitions 2-2-2 Powers of Town Meeting 2-2-3 Annual Town Meeting 2-2-4 Special Town Meetings 2-2-5 Presiding Officer at Town Meetings 2-2-6 Procedure at All Town Meetings 2-2-7 Clerk of Town Meetings
Title 02, Chapter 03Town of Madison OrdinancesTown Boards2-3-1 Town Board; Elections to 2-3-2 General Powers and Duties of the Town Board 2-3-3 Miscellaneous Powers of the Town Chairperson 2-3-4 Powers and Duties of Town Board Chairperson 2-3-5 Internal Powers of the Board 2-3-6 Meetings of the Town Board 2-3-7 Special Meetings of the Board 2-3-8 Open Meetings 2-3-9 Quorum 2-3-10 Presiding Officer 2-3-11 Order of Business 2-3-12 Introduction of Business, Resolutions and Ordinances; Disposition of Communications 2-3-13 Standing Committees; Action on Committee Reports 2-3-14 Conduct of Deliberations 2-3-15 Proocedure at Public Hearings 2-3-16 Reconsideration of Questions 2-3-17 Call for the Previous Question 2-3-18 Publication or Posting of Ordinances 2-3-19 Amendment of Rules 2-3-20 Suspensions of Rules
Title 02, Chapter 04Town of Madison OrdinancesTown Officers & Employees2-4-1 Election of Town Officers; General Provisions 2-4-2 Temporary Vacancies. 2-4-3 Official Oath and Bond 2-4-4 Compensation of Elective Town Offices 2-4-5 Reimbursement of Expenses 2-4-6 Compensation When Acting in More Than One Official Capacity 2-4-7 Town Clerk 2-4-8 Town Treasurer 2-4-9 Chief of Police 2-4-10 Fire Chief 2-4-11 Assessor 2-4-12 Weed Commissioner 2-4-13 Town Attorney 2-4-14 Director of Public Works 2-4-15 Municipal Judge; Joint Municipal Court 2-4-16 Clerk of Joint Municipal Court 2-4-17 Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Heating/Ventilating Inspectors 2-4-18 Town Engineer 2-4-19 Town Employees 2-4-20 Custody of Official Property
Title 02, Chapter 06Town of Madison OrdinancesEthics Standards2-6-1 Statement of Purpose 2-6-2 Definitions 2-6-3 Statutory Standards of Conduct 2-6-4 Responsibility of Public Office 2-6-5 Dedicated Service 2-6-6 Fair and Equal Treatment 2-6-7 Conflict of Interest 2-6-8 Advisory Opinions 2-6-9 Employees Covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements 2-6-10 Outside Employment 2-6-11 Sanctions
Title 02, Chapter 07Town of Madison OrdinancesFinance2-7-1 Preparation and Adoption of Budget 2-7-2 Changes in Budget 2-7-3 Town Funds to Be Spent in Accordance with Appropriations 2-7-4 Annual Financial Statement 2-7-5 Finance Book 2-7-6 Financial Audits 2-7-7 Claims Against Town 2-7-8 Disbursements from Town Treasury 2-7-9 Facsimile Signatures 2-7-10 Public Depository 2-7-11 Temporary Investments of Funds Not Immediately Needed 2-7-12 Public Contracts and Competitive Bidding 2-7-13 Receiving Money; Receipt for Same 2-7-14 Duplicate Treasurer's Bond Eliminated 2-7-15 Statement of Real Property Status 2-7-16 Payment of Taxes; Interest; Penalty 2-7-17 Accounts Receivable Billing Procedures 2-7-18 Fee for Returning Checks with Insufficient Funds; reimbursement of Collection Costs 2-7-19 Policy for Public Deposits and Investme
Title 02, Chapter 08Town of Madison OrdinancesSpecial Assessments2-8-1 Town Board May Levy Special Assessments 2-8-2 Resolution and Report Required 2-8-3 Costs That May be Paid by Special Assessment 2-8-4 Exemptions; Deductions 2-8-5 Notice of Proposed or Approved Project 2-8-6 Board Actions After Hearing 2-8-7 Combined Assessments 2-8-8 Board's Power to Amend, Cancel or Confirm Special Assessment 2-8-9 Where Cost of Improvement is Less Than Assessment 2-8-10 Appealed Assessments Payable When Due 2-8-11 Special Assessment a Lien on Property 2-8-12 Special Charges Permissible 2-8-13 Miscellaneous Provisions
Title 02, Chapter 09Town of Madison OrdinancesPublic Records2-9-1 Definitions 2-9-2 Duty to Maintain Records 2-9-3 Legal Custodian(s) 2-9-4 Public Access to Records 2-9-5 Access Procedures 2-9-6 Limitations on Right to Access 2-9-7 Destruction of Records 2-9-8 Preservation Through Microfilm 2-9-9 Taped Records of Meetings
Title 02, Chapter 10Town of Madison OrdinancesReview of Adminstrative Determinations2-10-1 Review of Administrative Determinations 2-10-2 Determinations Reviewable 2-10-3 Determinations Not Subject to Review 2-10-4 Municipal Authority Defined 2-10-5 Persons Aggrieved 2-10-6 Reducing Determination to Writing 2-10-7 Request for Review of Determination 2-10-8 Review of Determination 2-10-9 Administrative Appeal 2-10-10 Hearing on Administrative Appeal 2-10-11 Final Determination 2-10-12 Judicial Review 2-10-13 Legislative Review
Title 02, Chapter 11Town of Madison OrdinancesCivil Service System2-11-1 Civil Service System Coverage 2-11-2 Job Openings 2-11-3 Standards and Selection 2-11-4 Appointments 2-11-5 Probationary Period 2-11-6 Job Reviews 2-11-7 Tenure, Removals, Discharges, Reduction, Dismissal, Layoffs and Procedure for Appeal 2-11-8 Unions 2-11-9 Construction and Incorporation
Title 02, Chapter 5Town of Madison OrdinancesCommissions and Boards2-5-1 Board of Review 2-5-2 Police and Fire Commission 2-5-3 Plan Committee 2-5-4 Civil Service Commission 2-5-5 Park Commission 2-5-6 Annual Review 2-5-7 General Provisions Regarding Meetings and Public Notice
Title 03 IndexTown of Madison OrdinancesPublic SafetyChapter 1 Law Enforcement Chapter 2 Fire Department; Fire Prevention Chapter 3 Hazardous Materials Chapter 4 Regulation of Private Alarm Chapter 5 Emergency Medical Service Chapter 8 Emergency Management Chapter 7 Fire Prevention Code Chapter 9 Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property
Title 03, Chapter 1Town of Madison OrdinancesLaw Enforcement3-1-1 Organization of Police Department 3-1-2 Records and Reports 3-1-3 Responsibilities of the Police Chief 3-1-4 Rules and Policies for the Police Department 3-1-5 Maintenance of Personnel Records and Performance Evaluations 3-1-6 Police Chiefs Responsibility for Training
Title 03, Chapter 2Town of Madison OrdinancesFire Department; Fire Prevention3-2-1 Establishment and Organization of Fire Department 3-2-2 Association Membership 3-2-3 Duties of Fire Department Chief, Assistant Chief and Senior Fire Captain 3-2-4 Duties of the Association President 3-2-5 Duties of Other Association Officers 3-2-6 Control and Care of Equipment 3-2-7 Impeding Fire Equipment Prohibited 3-2-8 Police Power of the Department 3-2-9 Fire Inspections 3-2-10 Damaging Fire Hose Prohibited; Parking by Hydrants; Blocking Fire Lanes 3-2-11 Firefighters May Enter Adjacent Property 3-2-12 Duty of Bystanders to Assist 3-2-13 Vehicles to Yield Right-of-Way 3-2-14 Interference with Use of Hydrants Prohibited 3-2-15 Open Burning 3-2-16 Areas Served by Other Townships 3-2-17 Causes of Fires; Investigations; Inspection 3-2-18 - 20
Title 03, Chapter 3Town of Madison OrdinancesHazardous Materials3-3-1 Disclosure of Hazardous Materials and Infectious Agents; Reimbursement for Cleanup of Spills 3-3-2 Recovery of Costs of Extinguishing and Cleaning Up Fires Involving Hazardous Materials 3-3-3 Removal of Abandoned Underground Flammable Liquid Storage Tanks
Title 03, Chapter 4Town of Madison OrdinancesRegulation of Private Alarm3-4-1 Title 3-4-2 Declaration of Purpose 3-4-3 Definitions 3-4-4 Administrative Rules 3-4-5 Automatic Dialing Devices 3-4-6 Direct Connections to the Police Department 3-4-7 Testing 3-4-8 Notification 3-4-9 Fee for Answering Alarms 3-4-10 Town Liability 3-4-11 Permits for Private Alarm Systems 3-4-12 Revocation of Permits
Title 03, Chapter 5Town of Madison OrdinancesEmergency Medical Service3-5-1 Emergency Medical Service
Title 03, Chapter 6Town of Madison OrdinancesEmergency Management3-6-1 Policy and Purpose 3-6-2 Emergency Management Commission 3-6-3 Emergency Management Director 3-6-4 Utilization of Existing Services and Facilities 3-6-5 Emergency Regulations 3-6-6 Mutual Aid Agreements 3-6-7 Declaration of Emergencies
Title 03, Chapter 7Town of Madison OrdinancesFire Prevention CodeArticle A: Intent; Administration; Adoption of State and National Codes Article B: Specific fire Prevention Requirements Article C: Standards and Publications
Title 03, Chapter 8Town of Madison OrdinancesAbandoned & Unclaimed Personal Property3-8-1 Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property
Title 04 IndexTown of Madison OrdinancesPublic WorksChapter 1 Grades Chapter 2 Streets and Sidewalks Chapter 3 Driveways Chapter 4 Trees and Shrubs Chapter 5 Special Assessments for Public Works Projects Chapter 6 Parks and Navigable Waters
Title 04, Chaper 1Town of Madison OrdinancesGrades4-1-1 Establishment of Grades 4-1-2 Alteration of Grade Prohibited
Title 04, Chapter 2Town of Madison OrdinancesStreets and Sidewalks4-2-1 Removal of Rubbish and Dirt from Sidewalks 4-2-2 Construction and Repair of Sidewalks 4-2-3 Excavations of Streets, Alleys, Public Ways and Grounds 4-2-4 Regulations Governing Excavations and Openings 4-2-5 Obstructions and Encroachments 4-2-6 Street Privilege Permit 4-2-7 Snow and Ice Removal 4-2-8 Terrace Areas 4-2-9 Vaults 4-2-10 Obstructing View at Intersection or View of Traffic Signs 4-2-11Sale or Display of Merchandise Prohibited; Special Event Vending Permit 4-2-12 Requests for Improvements 4-2-13 Raking Leaves into Streets 4-2-14 Unlawful Dumping on Streets 4-2-15 Street Numbers 4-2-16 Obstruction of Public Ditches 4-2-17 Curb and Gutter 4-2-18 Damage to Streets and Public Property 4-2-19 Adoption of State Statutes Concerning Roads 4-2-20 Grass Clippings
Title 04, Chapter 3Town of Madison OrdinancesDriveways4-3-1 Driveway Permit Required 4-3-2 Driveway Location, Design and Construction Requirements
Title 04, Chapter 4Town of Madison OrdinancesTrees and Shrubs4-4-1 Statement of Policy and Applicability of Chapter 4-4-2 Definitions 4-4-3 Authority of Town Forester to Enter Private Premises 4-4-4 Interference with Town Forester Prohibited 4-4-5 Abatement of Tree Disease Nuisances 4-4-6 Assessment of Costs of Abatement 4-4-7 Permit for Planting, Maintenance and Removal of Trees and Shrubs 4-4-8 Planting of Trees and Shrubs 4-4-9 Trimming 4-4-10 Trees and Shrubbery Obstructing View at Intersections or View of Traffic Signs 4-4-11 Removal of Trees and Stumps 4-4-12 Prohibited Acts 4-4-13 Adoption of State Statutes
Title 04, Chapter 5Town of Madison OrdinancesSpecial Assessments for Public Works Projects4-5-1 Policy Statement; Definitions 4-5-2 Street Assessments and Specifications 4-5.3 Applicability of Chapter
Title 05 IndexTown of Madison OrdinancesPublic UtilitiesChapter 1 Cable Television Chapter 2 Water and Sewer Utilities Regulations
Title 05, Chapter 1Town of Madison OrdinancesCable Television5-1-1 Short Title 5-1-2 Definitions 5-1-3 Rights and Privileges of Grantee 5-1-4 Agreement and Incorporation of Application by Reference 5-1-5 Franchise Territory 5-1-6 Duration and Acceptance of Franchise 5-1-7 Franchise Renewal 5-1-8 Police Powers 5-1-9 Cable Television Franchise Required 5-1-10 Use of Grantee Facilities 5-1-11 Initial Franchise Costs 5-1-12 Notices 5-1-13 Letter of Credit/Security Deposit 5-1-14 Construction Performance Bond 5-1-15 Liability and Insurance 5-1-16 Indemnification 5-1-17 Rights of Individuals 5-1-18 Public Notice 5-1-19 Service Availability and Record Request 5-1-20 System Construction 5-1-21 Construction and Technical Standards 5-1-22 Use of Streets 5-1-23 Operational Standards 5-1-24 - 5-1-40
Title 05, Chapter 2Town of Madison OrdinancesWater and Sewer Utilities Regulations5-2-1 Introduction and General Provisions 5-2-2 Definitions 5-2-3 Use of Public Sewers Required 5-2-4 Private Wastewater Disposal 5-2-5 Connection to District and Community Intercepting Sewers 5-2-6 Use of Public Sewers 5-2-7 Sewer Service Charge System 5-2-8 Billing and Collection 5-2-9 Enforcement and Abatement of District Ordinance 5-2-10 Enforcement and Abatement of This Chapter 5-2-11 Separability of Provisions
Title 06 IndexTown of Madison OrdinancesHealth and SanitationChapter 1 Health and Sanitation Chapter 2 Pollution Abatement Chapter 3 Recycling Chapter 4 Refuse Disposal and Collection
Title 06, Chapter 1Town of Madison OrdinancesHealth and Sanitation6-1-1 Rules and Regulations 6-1-2 Health Nuisances; Abatement of 6-1-3 Deposit of Deleterious Substances Prohibited 6-1-4 Destruction of Noxious Weeds 6-1-5 Regulation of Natural Lawns 6-1-6 Regulation of Length of Lawn and Grasses 6-1-7 Compulsory Connection to Sewer and Water System 6-1-8 Unhealthy, Hazardous or Unsightly Materials on Public or Private Property 6-1-9 Rodent Control 6-1-10 Composting Regulations 6-1-11 Discharge of Clear Waters 6-1-12 Regulation of Smoking 6-1-13 Keeping of Livestock
Title 06, Chapter 2Town of Madison OrdinancesPollution Abatement6-2-1 Cleanup of Spilled or Accidentally Discharged Wastes 6-2-2 Storage of Polluting Substances
Title 06, Chapter 3Town of Madison OrdinancesRecycling6-3-1 Title 6-3-2 Purpose and Authorization 6-3-3 Applicability and Administration 6-3-4 Definitions 6-3-5 Mandatory Recyclable Materials 6-3-6 Preparation, Collection and Management of Recyclable Materials 6-3-7 Miscellaneous Provisions 6-3-8 Recycling Center 6-3-9 Volume Based Fees 6-3-10 Hauler and Processor Requirements 6-3-11 Right to Refuse Collection 6-3-12 Enforcement
Title 06, Chapter 4Town of Madison OrdinancesRefuse Disposal & Collection6-4-1 Title 6-4-2 Declaration of Policy 6-4-3 Definitions 6-4-4 Refuse Storage Areas 6-4-5 Approved Waste and/or Refuse Containers 6-4-6 Collection of Refuse 6-4-7 Prohibited Activities and Non-Collectible Materials 6-4-8 Garbage Accumulation; When a Nuisance 6-4-9 Refuse from Outside the Town
Title 07 IndexTown of Madison OrdinancesLicensing and RegulationChapter 1 Licensing of Dogs and Regulation of Animals Chapter 2 Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor Chapter 3 Cigarette Licenses; Nonintoxicating Liquor Chapter 4 Transient Merchants Chapter 5 Mobile Homes Chapter 6 Massage Establishments Chapter 7 Regulation and Licensing of Fireworks Chapter 8 Street Use Permits Chapter 9 Flea Markets and Garage Sales Chapter 10 Junk and Salvage Yards Chapter 11 Exposition Center Chapter 12 Assemblage of Large Numbers of People Chapter 13 Regulation of Nonmetallic Mining Chapter 14 Miscellaneous Business Licenses Chapter 15 Off-Premise Billboards Chapter 16 Chemical Application Regulations Chapter 17 Licenses to Pay Local Claims; Appellate Procedures
Title 07, Chapter 01Town of Madison OrdinancesLicensing of Dogs & Regulation of Animals7-1-1 Dog Licenses Required; Definitions 7-1-2 Rabies Vaccination Required for License 7-1-3 Issuance of Dog and Kennel Licenses 7-1-4 Late Fees 7-1-5 Rabies Quarantine 7-1-6 Restrictions on Keeping of Dogs, Cats, Fowl and Other Animals 7-1-7 Impoundment of Animals 7-1-8 Dogs and Cats Restricted on Cemeteries 7-1-9 Duty of Owner in Cases of Dog or Cat Bite 7-1-10 Animal Feces 7-1-11 Injury to Property by Animals 7-1-12 Barking Dogs or Crying Cats 7-1-13 Prohibited and Protected Animals, Fowl, Reptiles and Insects 7-1-14 Sale of Rabbits, Chicks or Artificially Colored Animals 7-1-15 Providing Proper Food and Drink to Confined Animals 7-1-16 Providing Proper Shelter 7-1-17 Neglected or Abandoned Animals 7-1-18 Cruelty to Animals and Birds Prohibited 7-1-19 - 7-1-25
Title 07, Chapter 02Town of Madison OrdinancesFermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating LiquorArticle A: Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor Article B: Operator's License Article C: Penalties
Title 07, Chapter 03Town of Madison OrdinancesCigarette Licenses, Nonintoxicating Liquor7-3-1 Cigarette License 7-3-2 Nonintoxicating and Soda Water Beverages
Title 07, Chapter 04Town of Madison OrdinancesTransient Merchants7-4-1 Registration Required 7-4-2 Definitions 7-4-3 Exemptions 7-4-4 Registration 7-4-5 Investigation 7-4-6 Appeal 7-4-7 Regulation of Transient Merchants 7-4-8 Revocation of Registration 7-4-9 Special Event Vending Permit
Title 07, Chapter 05Town of Madison OrdinancesMobile Homes7-5-1 Monthly Parking Fee; Limitations on Parking 7-5-2 State Administrative Code Provisions Adopted
Title 07, Chapter 06Town of Madison OrdinancesMassage Establishments7-6-1 Definitions 7-6-2 License Required 7-6-3 Application and Fee 7-6-4 Application for License for Massage Establishment 7-6-5 License 7-6-6 Construction and Maintenance Requirements for Massage Establishments 7-6-7 Permit for Masseur or Masseuse 7-6-8 Application for Masseur or Masseuse 7-6-9 Issuance of Permit for Masseur or Masseuse 7-6-10 Hours of Operation 7-6-11 Enforcement and Penalties
Title 07, Chapter 07Town of Madison OrdinancesRegulation and Licensing of Fireworks7-7-1 Regulation of Fireworks
Title 07, Chapter 08Town of Madison OrdinancesStreet Use Permits7-8-1 Street Use Permits
Title 07, Chapter 09Town of Madison OrdinancesFlea Markets & Garage Sales7-9-1 Regulation of Flea Markets 7-9-2 Garage Sales 7-9-3 Pawnbrokers
Title 07, Chapter 10Town of Madison OrdinancesJunk & Salvage Yards7-10-1 Definitions 7-10-2 Location 7-10-3 License Requirements 7-10-4 Revocation of license 7-10-5 liquidation 7-10-6 Restrictions
Title 07, Chapter 11Town of Madison OrdinancesExposition Center7-11-1 Purpose 7-11-2 Definitions 7-11-3 General Standards of Conduct 7-11-4 Vehicle and Parking Regulations 7-11-5 Enforcement 7-11-6 Authority of Center Personnel to Correct Deficiencies 7-11-7 Damage to County or Town Property and Injuries to County or Town Personnel
Title 07, Chapter 12Town of Madison OrdinancesAssemblage of Large Numbers of People7-12-1 Intent 7-12-2 License Required 7-12-3 Exemptions from Provisions 7-12-4 Conditions for Issuing License 7-12-5 Application for license 7-12-6 Issuance of License 7-12-7 Revocation
Title 07, Chapter 13Town of Madison OrdinancesRegulation of Nonmetallic Mining7-13-1 Statutory Provisions Adopted 7-13-2 Definitions 7-13-3 Existing Nonmetallic Mining Operations 7-13-4 Exempt Activities 7-13-5 Permit Required for Nonmetallic Mining 7-13-6 Permit Revocation 7-13-7 Blasting and/or Rock Crushing
Title 07, Chapter 14Town of Madison OrdinancesMiscellaneous Business Licenses7-14-1 Transient and Temporary Public Entertainments 7-14-2 Regulation and licensing of Baseball Pitching Machines and Similar Devices 7-14-3 Regulation and licensing of Riding Devices, live Pony Rides and Similar Devices 7-14-4 Regulation of Dumping 7-14-5 Dances and Dance Halls
Title 07, Chapter 15Town of Madison OrdinancesOff - Premise Billboards7-15-1 Purpose 7-15-2 Definitions 7-15-3 Permitted Zones 7-15-4 Size of Signs 7-15-5 Height of Off-Premise Billboard 7-15-6 Spacing for Off—Premises Billboards 7-15-7 Setback Requirements 7-15-8 Lighting and Maintenance 7-15-9 Application for Permit 7-15-10 Enforcement
Title 07, Chapter 16Town of Madison OrdinancesChemical Application Regulations7-16-1 Chemical Application Regulations
Title 07, Chapter 17Town of Madison OrdinancesLicensees to Pay Local Claims, Appellate Procedure7-17-1 Licensees Required to Pay Local Taxes, Assessments and Claims; Appellate Procedures 7-17-2 Duty of Clerk with Regard to Licenses
Title 08 IndexTown of Madison OrdinancesMotor Vehicles and TrafficChapter 1 Traffic and Parking Chapter 2 Bicycles Chapter 3 Snowmobiles Chapter 4 Abandoned and Junked Vehicles
Title 08, Chapter 1Town of Madison OrdinancesTraffic and ParkingArticle A General Provisions Article B Controlled Intersections; Street Traffic Regulations Article C Parking Regulations Article D Miscellaneous Provisions Article E Enforcement Penalties
Title 08, Chapter 2Town of Madison OrdinancesBicycles8-2-1 Definitions 8-2-2 Manner of Operation Restricted 8-2-3 lighting and Other Equipment 8-2-4 Parking a Bicycle 8-2-5 Rules of the Road 8-2-6 Bicycle Regulations 8-2-7 Skateboards 8-2-8 Bicycle Registration Required; Identification Tag 8-2-9 Penalties
Title 08, Chapter 3Town of Madison OrdinancesSnowmobiles8-3-1 State Snowmobile Laws Adopted 8-3-2 Applicability of Traffic Regulations to Snowmobiles 8-3-3 Speed; Hours of Operation; Equipment 8-3-4 Unattended Vehicles 8-3-5 Operation on Sidewalks Prohibited 8-3-6 Snowmobile and Other Off-Highway Vehicle Operation Restricted 8-3-7 Snowmobile Routes and Trails Designated 8-3-8 Penalty 8-3-9 Enforcement
Title 08, Chapter 4Town of Madison OrdinancesAbandoned and Junked Vehicles8-4-1 Junked Vehicles and Appliances on Private Property 8-4-2 Forty-Eight (48) Hour Parking Limitation; Public Nuisance
Title 09 IndexTown of Madison OrdinancesOffenses and NuisancesChapter 1 State Statutes Adopted Chapter 2 Offenses Against Public Safety and Peace Chapter 3 Offenses Against Property Chapter 4 Offenses Involving Alcoholic Beverages Chapter 5 Offenses by Juveniles Chapter 6 Public Nuisances Chapter 7 Regulation of Lewd and Sexually Explicit Conduct
Title 09, Chapter 1Town of Madison OrdinancesState Statutes Adopted9-1-1 Offenses Against State Laws Subject to Forfeiture 9-1-2 Penalties; Attempt; Parties to Acts
Title 09, Chapter 2Town of Madison OrdinancesOffenses Against Public Safety and Peace9-2-1 Regulation of Firearms, Explosives, and Other Missiles 9-2-2 Carrying Concealed Weapons Prohibited; Certain Weapons Prohibited 9-2-3 Safe Use and Transportation of Firearms and Bows 9-2-4 Sale and Discharge of Fireworks Restricted 9-2-5 Obstructing Streets and Sidewalks Prohibited 9-2-6 Loitering Prohibited 9-2-7 Loud and Unnecessary Noise Prohibited 9-2-8 Disorderly Conduct 9-2-9 Failure to Obey Lawful Order; Resisting an Officer 9-2-10 Possession of Controlled Substances; Marijuana 9-2-11 Crossing a Police Line 9-2-12 Harassment 9-2-13 Open Cisterns, Wells, Basements or Other Dangerous Excavations Prohibited 9-2-14 Gambling, Lotteries, Fraudulent Devices and Practices Prohibited 9-2-15 Obstructing Emergency or Rescue Personnel
Title 09, Chapter 3Town of Madison OrdinancesOffenses Against Property9-3-1 Destruction of Property Prohibited 9-3-2 Uttering Prohibited 9-3-3 Abandoned Refrigerators Prohibited 9-3-4 Theft of Library Material 9-3-5 Damage to Public Property 9-3-6 Retail Theft 9-3-7 Unlawful Trespass 9-3-8 Cemetery Regulations 9-3-9 Regulation of Smoking 9-3-10 Theft Prohibited 9-3-11 Graffiti
Title 09, Chapter 4Town of Madison OrdinancesOffenses Involving Alcoholic Beverages9-4-1 Outside Consumption 9-4-2 Sale to Underage or Intoxicated Persons Restricted 9-4-3 Underage Persons' Presence in Places of Sale; Penalty 9-4-4 Underage Persons; Prohibitions; Penalties 9-4-5 Defense of Sellers 9-4-6 Persons Who Have Attained the Legal Drinking Age; False or Altered Identification Cards 9-4-7 Possession of Alcohol Beverages on School Grounds 9-4-8 Adult Permitting or Encouraging Underage Violations 9-4-9 Solicitation of Drinks Prohibited
Title 09, Chapter 5Town of Madison OrdinancesOffenses by Juveniles9-5-1 Curfew 9-5-2 Possession of Controlled Substances by Juveniles 9-5-3 Petty Theft by Juveniles 9-5-4 Receiving Stolen Goods 9-5-5 Town Jurisdiction Over Juveniles 9-5-6 Possession, Manufacture and Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia by a Minor Prohibited 9-5-7 Truancy 9-5-8 Unlawful Sheltering of Minors 9-5-9 Purchase or Possession of Tobacco Products 9-5-10 Criminal Gang Activity Prohibited 9-5-11 Enforcement and Penalties
Title 09, Chapter 6Town of Madison OrdinancesPublic Nuisances9-6-1 Public Nuisances Prohibited 9-6-2 Public Nuisances Defined 9-6-3 Public Nuisances Affecting Health 9-6-4 Public Nuisances Offending Morals and Decency 9-6-5 Public Nuisances Affecting Peace and Safety 9-6-6 Abatement of Public Nuisances 9-6-7 Cost of Abatement 9-6-8 Enforcement Penalty
Title 09, Chapter 7Town of Madison OrdinancesRegulation of Lewd and Sexually Explicit ConductArticle A Introduction Article B Entertainment Featuring Live Sexually Explicit Performances Article C Adult Oriented Establishments Article D Houses of Prostitution
Title 10 IndexTown of Madison OrdinancesLand Use RegulationsChapter 1 Building Code Chapter 2 Electrical Code Chapter 3 Plumbing Code Chapter 4 Gas Code Chapter 5 Residential Property Maintenance Code Chapter 6 Commercial/lndustrial Property Maintenance Code Chapter 7 Grievances by Handicapped Persons Regarding Access to Public Buildings Chapter 8 Construction Site Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Chapter 9 Fair Housing
Title 10, Chapter 1Town of Madison OrdinancesBuilding Code10-1-1 Building Code Established 10-1-2 Building Permits and Inspection 10-1-3 State Uniform Dwelling Code Adopted 10-1-4 Construction Standards; Code Adopted 10-1-5 New Methods and Materials 10-1-6 Unsafe Buildings 10-1-7 Disclaimer on Inspections 10-1-8 Regulation and Permit for Razing Buildings 10-1-9 Basements; Excavations 10-1-10 Regulations for Moving Buildings 10-1-11 Garages, Boathouses and Piers 10-1-12 Outside Storage of Firewood 10-1-13 Fences and Hedges 10-1-14 Swimming Pools 10-1-15 Signal Receiving Antennas (Satellite Dishes) 10-1-16 Basement Doors with Locks Required in Multi-Family Dwelling Units 10-1-17 Signs and Outdoor Display Structures 10-1-18 Storage Areas in Multi-Family Dwellings 10-1-19 Smoke Detectors 10-1-20 - 10-1-22
Title 10, Chapter 2Town of Madison OrdinancesElectrical Code10-2-1 State Electrical Code Adopted 10-2-2 Access to Buildings 10-2-3 Authority to Discontinue Electric Operation 10-2-4 Board of Electrical Examiners 10-2-5 Electrical License Requirements 10-2-6 Electrical Permit Required 10-2-7 Electrical Inspections 10-2-8 Regulation of Sale of Electrical Appliances 10-2-9 Enforcement and Penalties 10-2-10 Electrical Permit Fee Schedule
Title 10, Chapter 3Town of Madison OrdinancesPlumbing Code10-3-1 Definitions 10-3-2 State Plumbing Code Adopted; Plumbing licensed 10-3-3 Additional Plumbing Regulations 10-3-4 Duties and Powers of the Plumbing Inspector 10-3-5 Plumbing Permits 10-3-6 Public Sewer Connections 10-3-7 Grease Catch Basins 10-3-8 Authority to Enter Premises 10-3-9 Protection of Pipes from Frost 10-3-10 Exclusion of Rain Water from Sanitary Sewer 10-3-11 Stoppage of Work; Defacing Notice; Penalties 10-3-12 Regulation of Wells and Disposal Systems 10-3-13 Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule
Title 10, Chapter 4Town of Madison OrdinancesGas Code10-4-1 Standard Gas Code 10-4-2 Penalties
Title 10, Chapter 5Town of Madison OrdinancesResidential Property Maintenance Code10-5-1 Finding and Legislative Purpose 10-5-2 General Requirements Relating to the Safe and Sanitary Maintenance of Parts of Dwelling Units and Accessory Structures 10-5-3 Responsibilities of Owners and Occupants 10-5-4 Minimum Thermal Light and Ventilation Standards 10-5-5 Minimum Standards for Basic Equipment and Facilities 10-5-6 Maximum Density 10-5-7 Inspections 10-5-8 Notice of Violation 10-5-9 Emergencies 10-5-10 Definitions 10-5-11 Conflict of Ordinances 10-5-12 Variations and Exceptions
Title 10, Chapter 6Town of Madison OrdinancesCommercial/Industrial Property Maintenance Code10-6-1 Finding and Legislative Purpose 10-6-2 General Requirements Relating to the Safe and Sanitary Maintenance of Buildings and Accessory Structures 10-6-3 Responsibilities of Owners and Occupants of Commercial/Industrial Properties 10-6-4 Minimum Thermal Standards 10-6-5 Minimum Standards for Basic Equipment and Facilities 10-6-6 Inspections 10-6-7 Notice of Violation 10-6-8 Designation of Unfit Buildings and/or Structures; Corrections; Demolition 10-6-9 Emergencies 10-6-10 Definitions 10-6-11 Conflict of Ordinances
Title 10, Chapter 7Town of Madison OrdinancesGrievances Regarding Access to Public Buildings10-7-1 Grievance Procedures Regarding Access to Public Buildings by Handicapped Persons
Title 10, Chapter 8Town of Madison OrdinancesConstruction Site Erosion Control10-8-1 Authority 10-8-2 Findings and Purpose 10-8-3 Applicability of Regulations 10-8-4 Definitions 10-8-5 Design Criteria, Standards and Specifications for Control Measures 10-8-6 Maintenance of Control Measures 10-8-7 Control of Erosion and Pollutants During Land Disturbance and Development 10-8-8 Permit Application, Control Plan and Permit Issuance 10-8-9 Inspection 10-8-10 Enforcement 10-8-11 Prohibition of Vehicle Debris on Public Ways 10-8-12 Appeals
Title 10, Chapter 9Town of Madison OrdinancesFair Housing10-9-1 Statement on Fair Housing 10-9-2 Definitions as Used in This Chapter 10-9-3 Unlawful Practices 10-9-4 Exemptions 10-9-5 Enforcement